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Zachary Lipton, PI

Zachary Chase Lipton is the BP Junior Chair Assistant Professor of Operations Research and Machine Learning at Carnegie Mellon University. His research spans core machine learning methods and their social impact and addresses diverse application areas, including clinical medicine and natural language processing. Current research focuses include robustness under distribution shift, breast cancer screening, the effective and equitable allocation of organs, and the intersection of causal thinking and the messy high-dimensional data that characterizes modern deep learning applications. He is the founder of the Approximately Correct blog ( and a co-author of Dive Into Deep Learning, an interactive open-source book drafted entirely through Jupyter notebooks. Together with Falaah Arif Khan, he co-authored the satirical "Superheroes of Deep Learning" comic book ( Find on Twitter (@zacharylipton) or GitHub (@zackchase).

Research Interests: Pickled Herring, Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence